This is Tokushima satellite office

From city to Tokushima!

After the 3.11 earthquake, many people have become fully aware of the major risks hidden in the overly concentrated economy of the city centers. As a countermeasure, "Teleworking" and "Satellite Office" ideas have started to attract attention and many companies have started setting up satellite offices in Tokushima.
But why Tokushima prefecture? The answer is simply because Tokushima prefecture has two great aspects that triumph over other prefectures.
The first one is that the CATV network built throughout Tokushima. This infrastructure has led to simultaneous installation of high speed internet in every corner of Tokushima.
The second one is rich nature in the depopulated area. While there is a depopulation problem due to “Ageing Population”, there are many old houses with full of rich nature and history.
With these properties, a new office idea that cannot be established in the city center has been born.

“Satellite Office” realized in Tokushima.

Scene from the first visit of Dunksoft Co., Ltd arrived at their Kamiyama satellite office.In Kamiyama Town there are old private houses with stone walls.
Tokushima accommodates nature rich environments with state of the art IT infrastructure. This infrastructure is very important for companies from metropolitan areas that consider opening a satellite office. And safe to say that it is a life line for doing business, equivalent to metropolitan areas.
Today, there are numerous satellite offices established in Tokushima and a variety of reasons to open a satellite office can be seen. Exemplar reasons are “We opened a satellite office away from city to achieve a rich lifestyle” or “We opened a satellite office after finding the benefit of low management maintenance costs”.
Henceforth once the IT infrastructure is built in various parts of Japan, many companies would leave metropolitan area and establish satellite offices throughout the country. Initiative of establishing a satellite office in Tokushima may be the future of Japan.