"Want to try satellite work in the rural area, but what should I start?", "What kind of benefits could we have by satellite working?" Those would be typical questions you might have when you consider satellite work in the rural area. Why don’t you just try it for a short period of time?
In Tokushima prefecture, there are good facilities where you can experience satellite offices in several municipalities. While trying to experience the wonders of Tokushima such as the sea, mountains, river, please do your usual work in a place very different from your usual. It will surely be a trigger to find work style suitable for your company.
Some of the following facilities may have accommodation or in combination with neighboring dormitories in some cases. For details please ask the operator of each facility.

Kamiyama Valley Satellite Office Complex

"Growing office", both people and place.

Kamiyama Valley Satellite Office Complex (KVSOC) is a "growing office".
It is a co-working space which modified a closed, original garment factory(619 square meters).
It aims to create a new business community in Kamiyama Town and to create advanced services and businesses from the region.

Contact NPO GreenValley, Inc. (TEL: 050-2024-4385)
Place Kamiyama town
Facilities Copier, Projector, Screen, Whiteboard
Neighboring facilities Hotel WEEK Kamiyama(in front), Convenient store(15min. walk)
Prices drop-in 1000yen/day
Monthly 7500yen~

Kaiyo town satellite co-working center Shiroyama sou

Work and Play

The facility is located in a place that faces the Pacific Ocean.
With a 5-minute walk, you can access the world famous surf spot, "Kaifu Point", where you can find office workers enjoy surfing between working hours.
It is the facility that you can enjoy working and playing.
In Kaiyo town, the satellite office project is led by public, that has resulted in that 11 entering companies are connected to the regional business and converting into new business.
A new business has been born last December from the community.

Contact Kaiyo town office (TEL:0884-70-5839)
Place Kaiyo town
Facilities Wi-Fi, Parking lot, Copier, Kitchen, Locker room, Shower room
Neighboring facilities Supermarket(500m), Convenient store(1km), Drug store(500m), Hardware store(600m)

Ebisu house

A place to enjoy “work” and "life"

This facility is made by renovating the 80 year old house, for those who want to work in more flexible and unique ways.
When you pass through narrow streets, you can access the Ohama coast where the estuary of the clear stream Hinosawa River goes to spawning,The No. 23th Senkyuji Yaji Temple and the fishing port are just like the original landscape of Japan.
We wish that the both the local and visiting people communicate together with a feast of the sea, appreciate wonderful nature and culture, and millions of smiles last forever.

Contact Awae corporation. (TEL: 0884-70-5831)
Place Minami town
Facilities Wi-Fi, PC monitor, whiteboard, Web camera, microwave, laundry, kitchen utensils, shower room, towels
Prices Drop-in 3000yen/day,
bed and business 8,000yen/1 night

heso camp

The old house in the great nature

This is the place for trial of transfer and immigration of enterprises and individuals.
The Miyoshi city in Tokushima prefecture is called as old “navel” of Shikoku island from a long time ago.
Surrounded by the rich natural environment of Yoshino river and the mountains, it’s great place to do business camps for planning and management.
You can try short stay as an experiment of business camp and satellite office.
You can also share it not only for private charters but also for individuals and small groups and also as a co-working space.
We also regularly hold exchanges with local residents of Miyoshi, and willing to support your coming back and forth.

Contact Ourai corporation. (TEL:0883-70-0104)
Place Miyoshi city
Facilities Wi-Fi, Kitchen, Air-conditioner, Parking lot
Prices Regular member 4320yen/month