「TokushimaWorkingStylesレポート Vol.3」





We,”Tokushima Satellite Office”project team,are promoting remote work in the beautiful country side of Tokushima prefecture. 

Many people realize their way of working and living in the rich natural environment and interaction with people.

We will introduce the reports of people who are actually immigrated from overseas and realize their way of working in Tokushima.




Pyae Phyo Aung (Miyoshi City ,Tokushima)

I think everybody wants to work in a place that is rich in nature. Let me introduce you to a place where you can fully enjoy not only the work but also the nature.

My name is Pyae Phyo Aung came from Myanmar. I am working at the Shikoku Branch (Satellite Office) of Genio, Co., Ltd located in Miyoshi City. One of the reasons that I have decided to work in Tokushima is because of the word, ‘Satellite Office’ which means cost-effective and productive co-working space with teleworking style of taking advantages of information technology and communication. I think there is no other workspaces like Satellite Office in which you can freely work and freely enjoy Japanese cultures and traditions.


If anyone asked me a question that I was happy in my workspace - Satellite Office of Tokushima, I will happily answer “Yes”. The reason why I want to answer yes is because of the form of working that is somewhat difference from the normal form of working. You can enhance your amount of work done as a result of working in a quiet place. Besides, having communication with the Japanese locals is like working in a warm society. Sometimes it can be found some  native people who are acting like real family members inviting to join for dinner or giving a guidance to some interesting places.

Moreover, Tokushima is not only rich in nature but also full of Japanese cultures and traditions. One of the famous traditions of Tokushima Prefecture is Awa Dance Festival that is held in August every year. The term ‘Awa Dance’ was born from the Bon Festival and is also a festival that the spirits of deceased ancestors are invited to come and visit to their relative houses of a year. During this period, the festival is held throughout the Prefecture. I also have a chance this year to experience what the Awa Dance is. For me, dancing together with the group of performers in front of the people while listening to the sound of Awa musical instruments was very interesting and felt like dancing in a heaven with the spirits of the ancestors.

Another one that I want to introduce to is the historical city where ancient Japanese merchants lived, Udatsu Street in Wakimachi, Mima-City. From Edo period to the Meiji period, Japanese merchants living in the area of Udatsu Street became wealthy by trading with the Indigo. Udatsu are wing walls built on the outer wall on the first floor. Initially they were built for the purpose of fire prevention, but later on they were built as a merchants’ competition of financial power. They became a symbol of someone’s wealth or success in life. That area has about 85 traditional houses now , and it has been familiar as Udatsu Street where you can see the landscape of the time and  Udatsu. It can be felt that you are travelling back to these eras while walking on the main road of the Udatsu street.

 It is not only that you can experience the beautiful environments and traditions, you can spend your weekends by enjoying the area of your interest also. I also had a chance that bring my interest into paragliding. Although it can be said that the price of riding paragliding is a little bit expensive with the minimum price of 10,000 Japanese Yen, it is not worth to replace spending moneys on paragliding with spending on others. Is it not the happiest moment ever for you that the time you spend on your interest? I want to strongly recommend you to come and feel satellite office, Tokushima.



Myint Myint Naing (Miyoshi City ,Tokushima)

Hello everybody from Tokushima.

My name is Myint Myint Naing. Now I am 24 years old.

I came from Myanmar in May 29th of 2018. Now,

I live in ikeda-cho,miyoshi-shi,tokushima prefecture.

At first, I could not fully understand the dialect of Ikeda. For example – ikeruken.

However,I became undenstandable these dialect.

I want to talk about the lifestyle of Tokushima.

Firstly, I noticed that the natural beauty of mountain. So I climbed at the mountain together with seniors of the company. They are very precious for us.

I went to the “maruyama”shrine to see the firework display “hanabitaikai”.I have seen the fireworks only in TV before I come to here. I was very satisfied when I saw the fireworks. It is so amazing for me.

Then, Awa dance in Ikeda-cho is held on the from 14th to 16th of August. I wore Japanese traditional dress “yukata”in that party. I was very happy at that time because it is my first experience of the other country’s dress in my life.

I don’t feel lonely in ikeda because everyone in this place is very kind and good nautue. Some people gave me vegetables and fruits. There was a problem that I just came here. It was that I could not sleep well in morning time because of the sunshine from the window. One of my friend gave me the curtain to cover that window. It is very useful for me. Now, I can sleep well ,so, I was very pleasure and thanks to her so much.

Okonomiyaki and fried chicken of japan are my favourite food. These are very delicious.

The convenient thing in japan is health insurance card. It is very useful for everyone because they don’t need to worry for costs if they feel unhealthy. Another convenient thing is 100 yen shop.

I don’t need to give too much time to go to the office because the apartment where I am living now is near the office. No stress to work in miyoshi-shi. Now, the office where I am working is setallite office. There is not much stress compared with urban area.

Therefore, I think that it is quiet and easy to live in this town although it is not bustling.




Pyae Phyo Aung(ピェッピョーアウン)さん(三好市)


私の名前はPyae Phyo Aung ピェッピョーアウン、ミャンマー出身です。三好市にある株式会社ジェニオの四国支店(サテライトオフィス)で働いています。私が徳島で働くことを決めた理由の1つは、情報技術とコミュニケーションの利点を生かすテレワーキングスタイルによって、費用対効果と生産性をもたらす共同作業スペースとなる「サテライトオフィス」があるからです。日本の文化や伝統を自由に楽しみ、自由に働くことができる仕事場は、サテライトオフィスの他にはないと思います。








Myint Myint Naing (ミィンミィンナイン)さん(三好市)


私はミャンマー出身のMyint Myint Naing ミィンミィンナイン、24歳です。徳島には2018年5月29日に来て、三好市の池田町に住んでいます。来て間もないころは、「いけるけん」などの池田の方言を完全に理解できませんでしたが、今は方言も理解できるようになりました。